Sweet Girl, Don’t Take It Personal


Sweet Girl,

It wasn’t that he didn’t want you,

believe me when I say he doesn’t

understand how grateful he should

be. You could have chosen someone

else. Don’t take it personal. He hasn’t

figured out his own worth so how can

you expect him to recognize yours?


Sometimes you want to say things without explanation.

The Red Hat by Kanayo Ede

I think that Anne Sexton didn’t have it altogether wrong; Sylvia Plath wasn’t confused. James Baldwin was braver than a whole legion of guardian angels. Zora Neale Hurston lived the road map for black women writers. Toni Morrison grew up in Ohio simply so I could say that we share geographical DNA. Oprah is just that divine. Meryl, too.

That black women don’t want to be single mothers. Black women want to be married. Black women are afraid to admit how uncooperative life is for the majority of them. Black children learn values. They learn them under the misguided damaging psyche of parents. Society has not been kind to Black children. Black children have no idea how lost they are. It does take a village to raise a child but some children can barely have contact with two parents. The village can be filled with monsters. The monsters wear angel’s masks.

I’m absolutely everything I have in the world. My daughter has too much responsibility in her life all ready. My family is unable to simply be what I need. Minding my battlefield is killing my spirit. Being hurt and thrown away is less painful when it’s happened before. Too many women learn too late.

Sometimes, I just want to say things without having to explain why I think them.